Khoe Tech

Correcting a bad designer’s mistakes

  • Fresno, CA
  • Website Design
  • Website Management
konapools-before konapools-after

KhoeTech is an established IT services provider in the Central Valley. They reached out to us because they had started a website design project 6 months prior, and it never went anywhere.

They brought us on to get the project back on track and get their website live to better serve their clients and marketing needs. Because the previous web developer had left their website mid-project, their company’s website was offline, translating to many missed opportunities for lead generation through their website. 

To prevent any lost opportunities, we immediately developed a custom, on-brand landing page that provided company contact information and integrated with their support ticketing system.

After solving their immediate problem of not having a website, we quickly developed a brand new website within 30 days of the project’s start date.

  • Writing new copy that better conveyed the benefits and details of the services offered
  • Improving brand consistency by ensuring website matched their existing logo’s aesthetic
  • Adding dynamic content and media that subtly reinforces KhoeTech’s services and mission